Health Mirror: Reflections on Health

Nutralady's Views on Building Healthier Bodies, Minds, & Spirits


NutraLady (Paula Burt) is a self-employed Independent Distributor for Yevo International, a brand new company that has been many, many years in the making, founded by a group of Health Industry/Food Industry/Supplement Industry professionals and scientists, with credentials from places like Yale, MIT, and other such prestigious universities. Yevo provides the 43 Essential Nutrients needed by the human body, which it cannot make for itself. These nutrients are provided by consuming 2 servings daily of the products which provide them, which are FOOD! Since all of your daily essential nutrients are provided by your food, you do not need to take other supplements; you can stop them. Yevo Food Products give you all the nutrients you need for improving your overall general health. There are a few foods available now, with many more rolling out soon and more over time in the near future.

I also share the opportunity to join Yevo with anyone who wishes to do the same things I do. The Compensation Plan is outstanding; the Products are amazing, and they actually provide us with what our bodies need to become healthier!

Contact me if you are interested in either trying the products as a customer, or in joining Yevo yourself as an Independent Distributor. Send me an email at; my cell phone # is 717-578-4822. Call and leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as I am able.

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